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There’s no need to feel anxious about your first visit to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry. Our team looks forward to meeting new patients and will make sure your child receives a warm welcome and enjoys a pleasant experience.

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Kristoffer Norbo DDS, MSD meeting with patients mother.

Expectations for Your First Visit

We want to make sure your child’s first visit to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry is a positive experience. Our friendly and professional team has the specialized training and experience to provide the care and attention that kids need, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

During your first visit to NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, we will need you to provide all the basic and necessary information for your child using our digital forms.

Your Child's Experience Matters

Our dental professionals will administer the appropriate treatments, depending on your child’s age and development. This may include cleaning, flossing, fluoride treatment, x-rays (normally for children four years and older), or other services depending on your child’s specific needs. We pay special attention to make sure your child’s experience during these treatments is as pleasant as possible.

To further ensure your child’s comfort, you are always welcome to accompany your child during any treatment. We also provide a television at every dental chair, so your child can relax and enjoy kid-friendly programming as their dental needs are tended to.

After all the necessary services have been performed, Dr. Norbo will gently examine your child to assess their dental development and growth, discuss his assessment with you, and answer any questions you may have. Last but not least, your child will receive a special prize at the end of every visit!

Child patient smiling with toothbrush in hand

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