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Collage of a little boy brushing his teeth and the world-famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.
Kristoffer Norbo DDS, MSD looking at x-rays with patient

What Makes Our Practice Different

There are many dentists to choose from in the Greater New Orleans area, and choosing the right dentist for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make for them. Let us take a moment to explain why we believe we are the best choice to care for your child’s dental health.

Our team, beginning with Dr. Norbo, is trained and experienced in pediatric dental care. Children are not just a subset of patients for us; they are our only patients. Since we care exclusively for children and young adults, we believe we are better suited and better equipped to provide pediatric care than general dentists are.

Proven Pediatric Dental Experience & Education

In addition to receiving his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), Dr. Norbo also received his MSD (Masters in Science of Dentistry) after completing extra research during his residency. Dr. Norbo is an adjunct professor at both Louisiana State University’s pediatric dental clinic and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

In addition to caring for his patients at NOLA Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Norbo also performs full mouth dental rehabilitation operations at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

Our years of experience in studying, teaching, and providing dental care to children and young adults, combined with our clean, modern, and kid-friendly office make NOLA Pediatric Dentistry an outstanding choice for children in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Kristoffer Norbo DDS, MSD working on patient

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